FB Neo RL Plus v2.0 Released

FB Neo RL Plus v2.0

Crystal has released a new version of FB Neo RL Plus, which is a combination of ports of Final Burn Neo and MAME for emulating arcade games on homebrew enabled Sony PlayStation 3 video gaming consoles. There are also optional Super NES and Sega Genesis addon (with the Genesis support CHD compressed Sega CD images).

Changelog v2.0
*   The application has been divided into
    1.  basic version (arcade: fb neo and mame 0.125),
    2.  SNES expansion (snes9x) and
    3.  MEGA DRIVE expansion (genesis plus gx);
*   Frontend rewritten to be compiled through the free SDK PSL1GHT;
*   Frontend graphics engine: RSX;
*   Unicode graphic fonts to support Japanese characters;
*   List of games and data (descriptions, trivial, etc etc) in a [SQLite DB]
*   New games list page;
*   Added titles of each game, in addition to the snaps preview;
*   Background music in MP3 format, 4 tracks already present, but editable by the user, by inserting and/or deleting MP3s in the "/dev_hdd0/game/FBNE00123/USRDIR/soundtracks" folder - change tracks using (L3 & R3 buttons)
*   Added background music ON/OFF option in the options list;
*   Re-written the page of Rom info (Triangle button) with various info and trivial;
*   Cheats enabled for MAME125 core;
*   Ultra fast search/scan roms.
*   Video resolutions supported only 1920x1080 and 1280x720.
*   Favorite list added (add or remove a game from the favorite list using (select button);
*   Favorite list saved in a separate DB so as not to be overwritten by future updates;
*   Compatibility with Sega32 arcade system via the MAME125 core;
*   Added cheat (.CHT) files for the FBNEO core in the "/dev_hdd0 /game/FBNE00123/USRDIR/core/cheats/FBNeo - Arcade Games" folder;
Download: FB Neo RL Plus v2.0

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