Gluf v1.0 Released

Gluf v1.0

RetroSouls has released a new version of Gluf, which is a puzzle/action platformer homebrew game for Sega Genesis / Mega Drive video gaming consoles.

Meet our friend GLUF. If you think he is an ordinary frog then you would be mistaken as GLUF is a Tesla frog that can accumulate power from generators. Which comes in handy to power up platforms because…well why not?

GLUF is an arcade puzzle game that sees you guide your frog across all of the platform sections on each level in order to power them up before moving on to the next level. But in order to light up the platform sections, GLUF himself must be charged up and he does this by hopping across to the numerous battery tiles located on each level.

Once powered up, moving across onto a platform section will result in it changing to a colour, denoting that it has been charged up. Each time you light up a panel, GLUF’s power cell reduces by one unit, which means that he will periodically have to recharge in order to complete a level. To make your way around all tiles, you will find yourself taking elevators up and down or standing on disintegrating platforms to give you a way through to what initially looks like inaccessible areas. When you hop across all tiles an exit door appears and you need to make your way to it in order to proceed to the next level.
Download: Gluf v1.0

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