[Guide] How to use your Switch as a WiiU Game Pad in Cemu using SkyNX!

How to use your Switch as a WiiU Game Pad in Cemu using SkyNX!


If you have not heard of SkyNX and how to set it up, you can find the download and the instructions here.

If you don't have Cemu for emulating WiiU Games, you can find that here.

Before we begin, note that you will need to connect your computer up to a second display, as one will be use for the gamepad. I'll try to implement a feature in the future so that this is no neccisary but for now, sadly it is.

One more thing before we continue that I feel is very important to mention here, is that we definitely don't condone piracy. Please only use games that you legitimately own.


Ok. With all that out of the way let the tutorial begin!

  1.    First, like when streaming any game with SkyNX, set your primary monitors resolution to 1280 X 720. This will be the monitor the game pad will be on.
  2.    Go ahead and start the streamer app on the desktop. And connect your switch.
  3.    First go to the Options > Input Settings in the toolbar at the top of Cemu.
  4.    Set your Controller 1's "Emulate Controller" option to Wii U Pro Controller.
  5.    Make sure your Controller Api is set to XInput.
  6.    Now also make sure your Controller is set to Controller 1 (Note if you didn't connect your switch with SkyNX in step 2, this option may not appear.)
  7.    Now go ahead and start binding your buttons.
  8.    Now switch to the "Controller 2" tab at the top.
  9.    Do everything exactly the same, making sure Xinput is selected for controller API, and MAKE SURE the controller is ALSO set to "Controller 1"
  10.    On this same controller, simply switch "Emulate Controller" to "Wii U Gamepad"
  11.    To utilize motion controls, simply goto Options > GamePad Motion Source, select the first slot and check "By Slot"
  12.    Now Cemu is set up and ready to go, next we will launch our game.
  13.    Start your game on you second monitor.
  14.    If the game is fullscreened on the first monitor, simply press ALT + ENTER to exit fullscreen, and move it to the second. pressing ALT + ENTER again will make Cemu go fullscreen again.
  15.    Now got to Options on the top toolbar again, by hovering your mouse near the top of the fullscreened Cemu window on monitor 2.
  16.    Click "Seperate GamePad View"
  17.    Move this to your first monitor, the one that is streaming to SkyNX and press ALT + ENTER to fullscreen.

And there you go! Now you can use your Nintendo Switch as a WiiU gamepad! If you are playing with more players, SkyNX supports up to 4 connect joycon pairs! Just make sure to set them up in Options > Input settings.

I have been using it to play Twilight Princes (Which I OWN..) But obviously it can be used for alot more.

So yeah.. Thats it, have fun playing WiiU games guys!

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