Inside Xbox presents first look at Xbox Series X gameplay

Inside Xbox presents first look at Xbox Series X gameplay

Microsoft mentioned that we'll be seeing monthly reveals and events for the Xbox Series X prior to its launch, with the first one taking place today. An Inside Xbox episode will be streaming their first showcase of Xbox Series X gameplay today, with a focus on third party titles. Assassin's Creed: Valhalla has been confirmed as one of the games we'll be seeing, along with other next-gen titles. The stream kicks off at 10am CT, so be sure to tune in to the Twitch stream below, or stick around for our live coverage.

Microsoft's main concern is the safety of their employees, with them stating that production is moving forward, even with everyone working at home. They reiterate that Obsidian, Double Fine, 343, and other Xbox Games Studios have gameplay to show for first-party titles in July.

"Every game you're about to see is optimized for the Xbox Series X"

An FPS is being shown, with elements of driving cars and launching your character with a grappling hook. It's called Bright Memory Infinite, developed by Playism. This is gameplay captured in-engine.

Codemasters has a racing game to debut: Dirt 5.

Ebb Software's logo is shown. It's going for a creepy tone, whatever it is. Scorn is the name of the game.

This title has Smart Delivery. This one's focused on spaceships and space combat. Chorvs.

Madden 21. Kansas City Chiefs QB gets to announce that Madden 21 is coming to the Series X.

We get a huge list of publishers and developers working on games for the Series X.

 Developer Paradox has a creepy Christmas puppetry scene to show for its latest game. When night falls, you rise. Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 announced.

 Raw Fury is the dev for this next game. Call of the Sea has you trapped on an island, to explore its secrets.

Neon Giant and Curve Digital. A futuristic-looking game. Top-view shooter seems to be the genre. Ascent.

The Medium shows off a crumbling world, and a woman with bleeding hands. It's a psychological horror game. The Silent Hill composer will be working on the soundtrack for this.

Namco Bandai has a game about floral zombies that cannot be hurt or stopped. Very anime themed. You fight with psychokinesis. Scarlet Nexus.

Avalanche Studios. Lots of dinosaurs. Second Extinction.

New Yakuza game. Like a Dragon gets some scenes in English. The game's English release will be available on launch for the system, as well as PC.

It ends on the latest Assassin's Creed game. Stonehenge shown. The main character has a crow on his shoulder.

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