kosmos it's over !

kosmos it's over

Next around 12PM MST (7:00 UTC) TomGER who ran Team AstlasNX decided to close up shop and posted a good bye message on the team's Kosmos Github (which is now readonly). It's ironic that TomGER would cite toxicity in the scene. Furthermore, while we can't say for certain the leaked internal Team AtlasNX Mario 64 game did indeed come from them, all of the evidence is pointing at just that.

Reisyukaku the old creator of ReiNX has posted in the ReiSwitched Discord server that the remaining fragments of Team AtlasNX are accusing his team of a coordinated "raid" on their Discord server. While I have been presented with no evidence that any raids took place, here is what Reisyukaku stated.
Quote: Reisyukaku

Apparently some cringey drama is coming from kosmos now. I'm just hearing this now from a friend, and kosmos is blaming us for some 'raid'. I shouldn't have to say this but literally no one affiliated with our brand cares enough about kosmos to develop some 5d chess psyop or build some master plan 'raid' or whatever. Thats just cringe. So ignore the idiots.
It remains to be seen how the Switch scene will react to this sad news ...

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