libnx v3.2.0 Released

libnx v3.2.0

switchbrew has released a new version of libnx, which is a library used to aid in the development of homebrew on Nintendo Switch consoles. It's compatible with devkitPro's devkitA64.

Changelog v3.2.0


-Added threadGetSelf.
-Added a Thread struct for the main thread.
-Corrected error code in shmemMap.
-Updated svcQueryIoMapping to match new 10.0.0+ ABI change. Old version still available as svcLegacyQueryIoMapping.
-Minor fixes in jit wrapper object.


-Added support for the ssl service.
    -Added socketSslConnectionSetSocketDescriptor and socketSslConnectionGetSocketDescriptor (for usage with SSL).
-Added support for recvmsg/sendmsg and sendmmsg/recvmmsg [7.0.0+].
-Added nifmGetCurrentNetworkProfile, nifmGetNetworkProfile, nifmSetNetworkProfile, nifmGetCurrentIpConfigInfo.
-Added structs: NifmIpV4Address, NifmIpAddressSetting, NifmDnsSetting, NifmProxySetting, NifmIpSettingData, NifmWirelessSettingData, NifmSfWirelessSettingData, NifmSfNetworkProfileData, NifmNetworkProfileData.


-Changed libnx console to only hook stdout. If stderr is necessary, use `consoleDebugInit(debugDevice_CONSOLE)` explicitly.
-Added nxlinkConnectToHost with separate flags for redirecting stdout/err.
-Added nxlinkStdioForDebug, which only redirects stderr and not stdout.


-Added priority parameter to nvGpuChannelCreate.
-Fixed cleanup logic in nvChannelClose.
-Added nvGpuChannelGetErrorInfo.
-Renamed NvError struct & NvErrorType enum to NvNotification/NvNotificationType.

----other services

-applet: Support changes for 10.0.0+, including new command support.
    -swkbd: appletHolderPresetLibraryAppletGpuTimeSliceZero is now called on 10.0.0+.
-audout: Added all remaining IAudioOut commands.
-bpc: Added hosversion check to bpcGetSleepButtonState.
-caps: Correct CapsScreenShotDecodeOption.
    -Added capsscCaptureJpegScreenShot, capsscOpenRawScreenShotReadStream, capsscCloseRawScreenShotReadStream, capsscReadRawScreenShotReadStream.
    -Changed capsscCaptureRawImageWithTimeout to use ViLayerStack enum.
-fsldr: Support changes for 10.0.0+, including new command support.
-fsp-pr + ldr: Support changes for 10.0.0+ (SetEnabledProgramVerification changed places).
-hidsys: Support changes for 10.0.0+, including new command support.
-irs: Corrected bug on initialization caused by invalid system version logic.
-lr: Added lrLrEraseProgramRedirection [5.0.0+].
-mii: Added service wrappers.
-miiimg: Added service wrappers.
-nfp: Corrected definition of nfpOpenApplicationArea.
-ns: Support changes for 10.0.0+, including new command support (also some other misc fixes).
-pdm: Support changes for 10.0.0+, including new command support.
-pgl: Added service wrappers [10.0.0+].
-pl: Added support for changing the service type (PlServiceType).
-pmshell: Renamed pmshellBoostSystemThreadResourceLimit to pmshellEnableApplicationExtraThread.
-psc: Corrected hosversion check in pscPmModuleAcknowledge.
    -Added new 10.0.0+ commands.
    -Corrected definition of SetRegion to match actual usage.
    -Corrected setsysGetSerialNumber.
    -Corrected setcalGetGyroscopeOffset to use the right struct.
    -Added support for time shared memory [6.0.0+].
    -Added timeGetStandardSteadyClockTimePoint.
    -Added timeGetStandardSteadyClockInternalOffset [3.0.0+].
    -Added TimeStandardSteadyClockTimePointType struct.
    -Changed timeGetCurrentTime to use shared memory on 6.0.0+.
-vi: Added ViLayerStack enum.


-Corrected and updated nacp structs.
-Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.
Download: libnx v3.2.0

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