ManaPlus v1.9.3.23-1-switch Released

ManaPlus v1.9.3.23-1-switch

Cpasjuste has released ManaPlus, which is a homebrew port of the ManaPlus 2D MMORPG game client that will allow you to login and play various games online with others. At the moment ManaPlus is only fully supported client by Evol Online, The mana world, Land of fire (non free content) and other games. ManaPlus supports tmwAthena, evol, hercules.


## 1. Account

To create an account you can usually press the "Register" button after choosing your server. When this doesn't work, visit the website of the server you'd like to register on, since they may be using an online registration form instead.

## 2. Commands


Use arrow keys to move around. Other keys:

*   Ctrl attack
*   F1 toggle the online help
*   F2 toggle profile window
*   F3 toggle inventory window
*   F4 toggle equipment window
*   F5 toggle skills window
*   F6 toggle minimap
*   F7 toggle chat window
*   F8 toggle shortcut window
*   F9 show setup window
*   F10 toggle debug window
*   Alt + 0-9,-, etc show emotions.
*   S sit down / stand up.
*   F toggle debug pathfinding feature (change map mode)
*   P take screenshot
*   R turns on anti-trade function.
*   A target nearest monster
*   H hide all non-sticky windows
*   Z pick up item
*   Enter focus chat window / send message

### MOUSE:

Left click to execute default action: walk, pick up an item, attack a monster and talk to NPCs (be sure to click on their feet). Right click to show up a context menu. Holding [Left Shift] prevents from walking when attacking.

### Commands:


*   /closeall close all whispers.
*   /ignoreall add all whispers to ignore list.
*   /msg NICK text
*   /whisper NICK text
*   /w NICK text send whisper message to nick.
*   /query NICK
*   /q NICK open new whisper tab for nick.

### Actions:

*   /help show small help about chat commands. /target NICK - select nick as target. Can be monster or player nick.
*   /outfit N wear outfit number N.
*   /outfit next wear next outfit.
*   /outfit prev wear previous outfit.
*   /emote N use emotion number N.
*   /away
*   /away MSG set away mode.
*   /follow NICK start follow mode.
*   /imitation NICK start imitation mode.
*   /heal NICK heal nick.
*   /move X Y move to X,Y position in short distance.
*   /navigate x y move to position x,y in current map in any distance.
*   /mail NICK MSG send offline message to NICK. Working only in tmw server.
*   /disconnect quick disconnect from server.
*   /attack attack target.
*   /undress NICK remove all clothes from nick. Local effect only.

### Trade:

*   /trade NICK start trade with nick.
*   /priceload load shop price from disc.
*   /pricesave save shop price to disc.

### Player relations:

*   /ignore NICK add nick to ignore list.
*   /unignore NICK Remove nick from ignore list.
*   /friend NICK
*   /befriend NICK add nick to friends list.
*   /disregard NICK add nick to disregarded list.
*   /neutral NICK add nick to neutral relation list.
*   /erase NICK add nick to erased list.
*   /clear clear current chat tab.
*   /createparty NAME create party with selected name.
*   /me text send text to chat as /me command in irc.

### Debug:

*   /who print online players number to chat.
*   /all show visible beings list in debug tab.
*   /where print current player position to chat.
*   /cacheinfo show text cache info.
*   /dirs show client directories in debug window.

### Other:

*   /help Displays the list of commands
*   /announce broadcasts a global msg(Gm Cammand only)
*   /who shows how many players are online
*   /where displays the map name your currently on


-- ManaPlus Contributors --
== Contributors to client development ==

Andrei Karas (4144) [akaras inbox ru]
Ben Longbons [b.r.longbons gmail com]
Danil Sagunov (Vasily_Makarov) [ gmail com]
Helmut Grohne (gnurfk) [helmut subdivi de]
Philippe Groarke (Socapex)
Maarten Vanraes (AL13N) [maarten.vanraes gmail com]
Mihail Barer (Necromonger) []
Vincent Petithory (V0id) [vincent.petithory gmail com]
Haru [haru dotalux com]

== Translators ==
adjieps [adjieps yahoo com]                                (id)
alastrim                                                   (pt_BR)
Alexandr Uspensky [AlexandrUSP yandex com]                 (ru)
Alessandro Camplese (Alel) [ale camplese gmail com]        (it)
(Alige) [alige evolonline org]                             (fr)
Aline Ferraz de Souza (Freya) [freya.df gmail com]         (pt, pt_BR)
Andrei Karas (4144) [akaras inbox ru]                      (ru)
Anna [clos3rlook gmail com]                                (de)
Antoine Ruck (Jumpy) [antoinebcn hotmail com]              (fr,es)
Bernard Hugonnet (Nard) []                                 (fr)
bruno.nunes [bruno dukkha com br]                          (pt_BR)
Candy                                                      (jp)
Choupom [andycootlapin hotmail fr]                         (fr)
Danil Sagunov (Vasily_Makarov) [ gmail com]     (ru)
DarkDragon [tassos19962009 hotmail com]                    (el)
DerLoisl [der.loisl gmx de]                                (de)
Derpella [matwa poczta pl]                                 (pl)
Elvano Miok (Elvano)                                       (nl_BE)
foobo [lukasz.antoni.komorowski poczta fm]                 (pl)
Fuad Fauzi [me fuadfauzi web id]                           (id)
Fortunato [fortunato108 googlemail com]                    (de)
genesis [Genesis_Junior yahoo com]                         (id)
Francesco Miglietta (Hal9000) [miglietta francesco gmail com] (it)
HiiroNoHige [hiironohige gmail com]                        (tr)
Saidullin Il'shat (Kenny690) [bio_editor mail ru]          (ru)
Luciano Zago [lcnzg7 gmail com]                            (pt_BR)
Maarten Vanraes (AL13N) [maarten.vanraes gmail com]        (nl_BE)
Marco Jäger (LinuxCobra/Cobraxas) [linuxcobra gmx de]      (de_
María Rolón [luxlloth gmail com]                           (pt_BR)
Maria [mtorres2022 gmail com]                              (es)
Mihail Barer (Necromonger) []                              (ru, jp)
Mr Pirate [salahbubuli44 gmail com]                        (es)
Narus [narus.tmw gmail com]                                (es)
Nelson Martell (nelson6e65) [nelson6e65-manaplus yahoo es] (es)
Nina O'Reilly (Reid) [reidyaro gmail com]                  (fr)
osuka [owen942009 gmail com]                               (es)
Petr Varkoček (pitriss) []                                 (cs)
Philipp [philipp.krueger1 googlemail com]                  (de)
Rosemarie Tauber [horos online de]                         (de)
Sini Ruohomaa (Byakushin) [sini.ruohomaa iki fi]           (fi)
(Suni) [sunlightshadow]                     (de)
9sn0w75 [ibenrunnin gmail com]                             (jp)
Steel Style [steelstyle free fr]                           (fr)
Tirifto                                                    (eo)
Victor [ratrex mail ru]                                    (ru)
tux9th [mr.x aon at]                                       (de)
Yohann Ferreira (Bertram) [bertram cegetel net]            (fr)
Yummie [reslayer mail ru]                                  (ru)
Guglielmo Pini (WildX) [gwx480 gmail com]                  (it)
William Lee [v4r]                           (uk)
Zirry [zirry centrum cz]                                   (cs)

== Art or images contributors ==
Aline Ferraz de Souza (Freya) [freya.df gmail com]          Themes
Felix Jely (Lien)                                           Black & wood theme
Max Isele (DerLoisl) [der.loisl theavoraproject org]        Alien emote
Nina O'Reilly (Reid) [reidyaro gmail com]                   Emotes, icons
Tirifto                                                     Troll emote

-- Mana Contributors --

 This file lists all contributors up to the current release. Check the wiki
 for the currently active development team.

== Contributors to client/server development ==

Aaron Marks  [nymacro]
Alexander Baldeck (Shura)  [alexander]
Andreas Habel  [mail]
Andrei Karas (4144)  [akaras]
Andrej Sinicyn  [andrej4000]
Bernd Wachter (Aard)  [bwachter-tmw]
Blue Sans Douze (Blue112) [bluesansdouze]
Björn Steinbrink (Doener)  [b.steinbrink]
Cedric Borgese (moi1392)  [cedric.borgese]
Chuck Miller (Kage)  [shadowmil]
Daniel Bradshaw  [daniel+commits]
David Athay (trapdoor)  [ko2fan]
Dennis Friis  [peavey]
Douglas Boffey  [dougaboffey]
Duane Bailey  [nayryeliab]
Eugenio Favalli  [elvenprogrammer]
Eric Scrivner  [zenogais]
Fate  [fate.tmw]
Fredrik Reveny  [chetic]
Freeyorp  [Freeyorp101 NOSPAM]
Guillaume Melquiond (Silene)  [guillaume.melquiond]
Ira Rice (Tametomo)  [irarice]
Jan-Fabian Humann (Mra)  [malastare]
Jared Adams  [jaxad0127]
José Ávila  [linux]
Joshua Langley [joshlangley]
Kess Vargavind  [vargavind]
Kiyoshi Kyokai  [kiyoshi.kyokai]
Krzysztof Daszuta  [irukard]
Lloyd Bryant  [lloyd_bryant]
Marcel W. Wysocki  [maci]
Mateusz Kaduk (Usiu)  [mateusz.kaduk]
Matthias Hartmann  [hartmann.matthias]
Philipp Sehmisch (Crush)  [tmw]
Roderic Morris (rodge)  [roderic]
Rogier Polak  [rogier.l.a.polak]
Scott Ellis  [quiche_on_a_leash]
Simon Edwardsson  [simon]
Stefan Dombrowski  [stefan]
Steve Cotton  [steve]
Thorbjørn Lindeijer  [thorbjorn]
Maximilian Philipps  [Turmfalke2007]
Yohann Ferreira  [bertram]

== Translators ==

Alexander Breidenbroich (German)  [metast]
Blue Sans Douze (French) [bluesansdouze]
Eugenio Favalli (Italian)  [elvenprogrammer]
Jonathan Kolberg (German)  [bulldog98]
Jumpy (French)  [[email protected]]
Kess Vargavind  (Swedish)  [vargavind]
Leif Kildelund (Danish)  [gonzo.dark]
Matthias Hartmann (German)  [hartmann.matthias]
Thorbjørn Lindeijer (Dutch)  [thorbjorn]

== Other contributors ==

Jean-Francois Lampron  [sull.kf]
Rodney Dawes  [dobey]
Zuzanna K. Filutowska  [platyna]

Download: ManaPlus v1.9.3.23-1-switch

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