Moonlight-libretro v1.0.3 Released

Moonlight-libretro v1.0.3

rock88 has released a new version of Moonlight-libretro, which is a port of the Moonlight Game Streaming Project for RetroArch/libretro platform. Due to lack of resources under Horizon this core will only work under Lakka. Moonlight allows you to stream games from your PC using nividia's software, which you can then play on your Nintendo Switch.

Installing (Nintendo Switch)

1.  Install [Lakka]
2.  Download latest Moonlight-libretro [release]
3.  Put to lakka/storage/cores directory on your SD card (create dir if it not exist).
4.  Choose Load Core and select, then push Start Core.

Controls (Nintendo Switch)

1.  Move cursor with move finger on touch screen
2.  L/R + tap on screen - Left/Right mouse click (allow to move cursor)
3.  ZL/ZR + tap on screen - Left/Right mouse click (without move cursor)
4.  L+R+Down - exit from stream (and close current app)
5.  L+R+Up - exit from stream (without closing current app)
6.  L+R+Left - sent Alt+Enter to host (for enable/disable fullscreen mode)

Changelog v1.0.3
-Add build with latest FFMPEG;
-Allow to set video decoder threads number;
-Draw video decoder/render stats.
Download: Moonlight-libretro v1.0.3

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