Nintendo 3DS, DSi, Wii and Pokemon Source Code Recently Leaked

Nintendo 3DS, DSi, Wii and Pokemon Source Code Recently Leaked

Users on 4chan's /vp/ (their Pokémon board) have recently been releasing various illegally obtained Nintendo IP including the complete source code to the Nintendo 3DS firmware and menu system, the Wii IOS55, 3DS security documentation from BroadOn, earlier 3DS SDKs and cryptographic DSi libraries (or parts thereof).

The Nintendo 3DS code contains the kernel of the 3DS, parts of the bootrom and the source code for the system modules such as the camera, BOSS (SpotPass) and Process9. The files are all dated October 2014 . Also included is the source code for the SDK tools, such as makerom. However, the code for system applications is not included.

On May 1st, a user published a link with around three gigabytes of leaked material from BroadOn, the company behind the "operating system" IOS of the Wii, the GameCube and the iQue Player. It contains part of the source code of IOS, several data sheets and block diagrams, as well as internal documents and presentations. It is unclear whether it is an (ex) employee at BroadOn or a break-in.

Contrary to popular opions that "devs won't touch this stuff", devs have already been using it to release hacks with. People are simply spreading false information when they say that developers won't touch Nintendo's IP as the public development libs and compilers are made by devs who are simply sourcing their information and code from stolen official Nintendo SDK's.

People are also forgetting that even emulator developers post pictures of their projects with tons of copyrighted Roms (aka IP). Do all those emulator devs own every single console and arcade game they show off or are they personally made backups when you can clearly see roms sourced from GoodSets or scene releases? So it's okay to use illegally obtained Roms or BIOS, which you guessed it, are IP, but not some documentation or tools? Seriously?

Most of the early work done on emulators and major breakthroughs in emulation were based on stolen SDK's and documents. Do any of you recall when RetroArch was first released? It was only for the Sony PS3 and made using the stolen SDK. DevKit Pro and all of the various console libraries from the GameCube to the Switch have also been simply created by sourcing information from stolen material. What about the recent news about Microsoft's Xbox source code popping up again (the recent leaks are just old Microsoft IP that devs held privately for some time now). What? Devs secretly holding onto stolen material - you don't say?

The entire original Xbox scene homebrew releases were built using official stolen SDK's and most Sony PS3 homebrew was also compiled with Sony's official tools. I've been involved in the scenes for a long time now and if you won't take my word for it go look at LibOGC, DevKit Pro and libnx as they all contain information that could only be obtained from official tools and documentation. At least back in the Game Cube and Wii days the authors would admit this was fact ... However, they are all silent about this "dirty little secret" at this point in time.

"Devs" will more than likely use these new leaks to further their research and projects will probably be releasing some cool based on it stuff sometime soon. Possibly we'll see some new hacks to customize our 3DS menu systems or bypass the game limit on the home screen? Rest assured, plenty of "devs" have this material and are data mining it for all it's worth.

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