Not64 v20200514 Released

Not64 v20200514

Extrems has released a new version of Not64, which is a Nintendo 64 video gaming console emulator for your homebrew enabled Nintendo Gamecube video gaming console. Not64 allows you to play your classic collection of Nintendo 64 games on your Gamecube.

 ROMs can be z64 (big-endian) or v64 (little endian), or .n64, of any size
 To install: Extract the contents of to the root of your SD card
 For SD/USB: Put ROMs in the directory named /wii64/roms,
    All save types will automatically be placed in /wii64/saves
 For DVD: ROMs may be anywhere on the disc (requires DVDxV2 on Wii)
 Load the executable from the HBC or in the loader of your choice
    Once loaded, select 'Load ROM' and choose the source and select the ROM to load
      (Note: to go up a directory select '..', B will exit the file browser)
 Select 'Play Game' to play
   The game can be exited any time by pressing X and Y together on a GC pad or Classic Controller,
   1 and 2 together on a Wiimote (only with Nunchuck attached), or the reset button
     (Note: this must be done to save your game; it will not be done automatically)

Controls are now fully configurable so any button on your controller can be mapped
The controller configuration screen presents each N64 button and allows you to toggle through sources
There are 4 configuration slots for each type of controller
   To load a different, previously saved configuration, select the slot, and click 'Load'
   After configuring the controls as desired, select the slot, and click 'Save'
   After saving different configurations to the slots, be sure to save your configs in the input tab of the settings frame
 Clicking 'Next Pad' will cycle through the N64 controllers assigned
 There is an option to invert the Y axis of the N64's analog stick; by default this is 'Normal Y'
 The 'Menu Combo' configuration allows you to select a button combination to return to the menu

   Native Saves Device: Choose where to load and save native game saves
   Save States Device: Choose where to load and save save states
   Select CPU Core: Choose whether to play games with pure interpreter
     (better compatibility) or dynarec (better speed)
   Save settings.cfg: Save all of these settings either SD or USB (to be loaded automatically next time)
   Show FPS: Display the framerate in the top-left corner of the screen
   Screen Mode: Select the aspect ratio of the display; 'Force 16:9' will pillar-box the in-game display
   CPU Framebuffer: Enable for games which only draw directly to the
     framebuffer (this will only need to be set for some homebrew demos)
   2xSaI Tex: Scale and Interpolate in-game textures (unstable on GC)
   FB Textures: Enable framebuffer textures (necessary for some games to
     render everything correctly (e.g. Zelda Subscreen), but can impact performance; unstable on GC)
   Configure Input: Select controllers to use in game
   Configure Paks: Select which controller paks to use in which controllers
Configure Buttons: Enter the controller configuration screen described above
Save Button Configs: Save all of the controller configuration slots to SD or USB
Auto Load Slot: Select which slot to automatically be loaded for each type of controller
   Disable Audio: Select to mute the sound
   Auto Save Native Saves: When enabled, the emulator will automatically load
     saves from the selected device on ROM load and save when returning to the menu or
     turning off the console
   Copy Saves: Not yet implemented
   Delete Saves: Not yet implemented

 Please visit to see what runs
 Report any issues to

-Core Coder: tehpola
-Graphics & Menu Coder: sepp256
-General Coder: emu_kidid
-Original mupen64: Hactarux
-Artwork: drmr
-Wii64 Demo ROM: marshallh
-Compiled using devKitPro r19 and libOGC
     ( )
-Visit us on and

Changelog v20200514
Fixed exploding geometry.
Fixed fogging with zero multiplier.
Fixed audio sampling rate for demos.
Download: Not64 v20200514

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