nx-hbloader v2.3.2 and libnx v3.2.0 Released

nx-hbloader v2.3.2 and libnx in 3.2.0

fincs has just updated nx-hbloader to 2.3.2, the homebrew loader for the Switch console.

Although it is quite close to the homebrew loader, it does display some additional cool features. As a reminder, nx-hbloader, which is published as an NSP, is a host process for loading NRO files.

nx-hbloader v2.3.2:
- New improvements to the overall system stability
- Other minor adjustments have been made to improve the user experience.

In short, this version simply brings more stability.
Download: nx-hbloader 2.3.2

He also updated libnx to 3.2.0 and there he did not pretend, the changelog is huge. It must be said that this library is essential for developers.

libnx v3.2.0:
    Added threadGetSelf.
    Added a Thread struct for the main thread.
    Corrected error code in shmemMap.
    Updated svcQueryIoMapping to match new 10.0.0+ ABI change. Old version still available as svcLegacyQueryIoMapping.
    Minor fixes in jit wrapper object.
    Added support for the ssl service.
    Added socketSslConnectionSetSocketDescriptor and socketSslConnectionGetSocketDescriptor (for usage with SSL).
    Added support for recvmsg/sendmsg and sendmmsg/recvmmsg [7.0.0+].
    Added nifmGetCurrentNetworkProfile, nifmGetNetworkProfile, nifmSetNetworkProfile, nifmGetCurrentIpConfigInfo.
    Added structs: NifmIpV4Address, NifmIpAddressSetting, NifmDnsSetting, NifmProxySetting, NifmIpSettingData, NifmWirelessSettingData, NifmSfWirelessSettingData, NifmSfNetworkProfileData, NifmNetworkProfileData.
    Changed libnx console to only hook stdout. If stderr is necessary, use consoleDebugInit(debugDevice_CONSOLE) explicitly.
    Added nxlinkConnectToHost with separate flags for redirecting stdout/err.
    Added nxlinkStdioForDebug, which only redirects stderr and not stdout.
    Added priority parameter to nvGpuChannelCreate.
    Fixed cleanup logic in nvChannelClose.
    Added nvGpuChannelGetErrorInfo.
    Renamed NvError struct & NvErrorType enum to NvNotification/NvNotificationType.
    other services
    applet: Support changes for 10.0.0+, including new command support.
    swkbd: appletHolderPresetLibraryAppletGpuTimeSliceZero is now called on 10.0.0+.
    audout: Added all remaining IAudioOut commands.
    bpc: Added hosversion check to bpcGetSleepButtonState.
    caps: Correct CapsScreenShotDecodeOption.
    Added capsscCaptureJpegScreenShot, capsscOpenRawScreenShotReadStream, capsscCloseRawScreenShotReadStream, capsscReadRawScreenShotReadStream.
    Changed capsscCaptureRawImageWithTimeout to use ViLayerStack enum.
    fsldr: Support changes for 10.0.0+, including new command support.
    fsp-pr + ldr: Support changes for 10.0.0+ (SetEnabledProgramVerification changed places).
    hidsys: Support changes for 10.0.0+, including new command support.
    irs: Corrected bug on initialization caused by invalid system version logic.
    lr: Added lrLrEraseProgramRedirection [5.0.0+].
    mii: Added service wrappers.
    miiimg: Added service wrappers.
    nfp: Corrected definition of nfpOpenApplicationArea.
    ns: Support changes for 10.0.0+, including new command support (also some other misc fixes).
    pdm: Support changes for 10.0.0+, including new command support.
    pgl: Added service wrappers [10.0.0+].
    pl: Added support for changing the service type (PlServiceType).
    pmshell: Renamed pmshellBoostSystemThreadResourceLimit to pmshellEnableApplicationExtraThread.
    psc: Corrected hosversion check in pscPmModuleAcknowledge.
    Added new 10.0.0+ commands.
    Corrected definition of SetRegion to match actual usage.
    Corrected setsysGetSerialNumber.
    Corrected setcalGetGyroscopeOffset to use the right struct.
    Added support for time shared memory [6.0.0+].
    Added timeGetStandardSteadyClockTimePoint.
    Added timeGetStandardSteadyClockInternalOffset [3.0.0+].
    Added TimeStandardSteadyClockTimePointType struct.
    Changed timeGetCurrentTime to use shared memory on 6.0.0+.
    vi: Added ViLayerStack enum.
    Corrected and updated nacp structs.
    Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.
Download: libnx v3.2.0

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