OpenBOR v3.0.7087 Released

OpenBOR v3.0.7087

Cpasjuste has released a new version of OpenBOR, which is the ultimate 2D gaming engine with over 10+ years of active development behind it. With OpenBOR you can build anything from simple button mashers to elaborate projects rivaling the most lavish professional offerings.


Place the OpenBOR.nro into /switch/OpenBOR . Place PAK file(s) in /switch/OpenBOR/Paks.

PAK files are games for the OpenBOR engine. You can find them below.


Damon Caskey (2007-)

OpenBOR project manager and site owner of the OpenBOR community. Primary contributions are core engine and scripting development, code cleanup, and organization. Main focus is keeping OpenBOR future proof and modular by replacing specialized hardcoding and overlap with generalized features that allow for more author creativity.
Plombo (2009-)

A developer who prefers to work on OpenBOR's supporting libraries and platform-specific backends. Known for maintaining the Wii port, writing the GPU-accelerated video code for Wii and OpenGL, and a few engine features.
White Dragon (2016-)

A long time module author and extremely knowledgeable coder who joined the development team in 2016 and immediately began making an impact. White Dragon generally focuses on level and menu properties, but has branched out into various other facets of the engine over time.
Former members and contributors
uTunnels (2007-2014)

Among many other powerful additions, contributed the original scripting engine to OpenBOR, single handedly breaking nearly every limitation module authors faced. While not officially retired, uTunnels' presence became gradually more infrequent before stopping altogether in early 2014.
Anallyst (2011)

This developer's work centered mainly around trimming the fat and optimizing the codebase.
SumolX (2006-2011)

Former project manager and lead programmer, retired from the scene in 2011. Known for porting PSP, PS3, Linux, Wii, GP2X and maintaining all other platforms and code base.
KBbandressen (2007-2011)

Contributed a plethora of features, including the powerful text object and filestream capabilities.
CGRemakes (2005-2006)

Main developer after Kirby2K. Introduced many exicting features to engine.
LordBall (2006)

Developed offshoot engine based on OpenBOR. Shared features with both engines.
Tails (2006)

Developed offshoot engine based on OpenBOR. Shared features with both engines.
Fugue (2006)

Developed offshoot engine based on OpenBOR. Shared features with both engines.
Kirby2K (2004-2005)

The original developer of OpenBOR who asked Senile Team for permission to open up Beats Of Rage.
Senile Team

Senile team was not directly involved with developing OpenBOR, but their opening of the orginal Beats of Rage codebase was vital. Parts of the orginal BOR still reside in OpenBOR to this day.
Roel (credited as "Opla" in BoR)

The team's chieftain. Does most of the game design, programming and artwork.
Jeroen (credited as "Leila" in BoR)

Does all the things no one else does.
Sander (credited as "Albatross" in BoR)

3D artist and animation sequence editor.

Senile Team's composer.

Neill was the first to port Beats of Rage to other systems, namely Playstation 2 and Dreamcast. He now supports Senile Team with advice regarding console hardware and code compatibility.

Changelog v3.0.7087
-add opengl support
-add single/split joycon option menu
-fix crash on exit
-update to latest openbor git
-general system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience...
Download: OpenBOR v3.0.7087

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