pFBN v4.4 Released

pFBN v4.4

Cpasjuste has released a new version of pFBN, which is a port of Final Burn Neo a very popular and polished Arcade Machine Emulator for various platforms for your homebrew enabled Sony PlayStation Vita portable video gaming console. pFBN allows you to enjoy classic arcade games on your modern video gaming console. pFBN was formerly known as pFBA and was based on Final Burn Alpha, but due to licensing issues it is now based on Final Burn Neo.
Changelog v4.4
pnes: update for latest pemu changes
pfbn: add nes console support
pfbn: update fbneo core to commit 89f2b6d
all: add "big_preview" skin
all: romlist: fix lower/upper cases sorting
all: romlist: don't filter on file extension, show any files in roms folder
all: load previews from default folders even if the game do not exist in database ("media/mixrbv2/*.png", "media/video/*.mp4")
all: add "no preview" image when no preview found
all: add a few effects to preview images/videos
all: further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience
Download: pFBN v4.4

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