PKGi PS3 v1.1.3 Released

PKGi PS3 v1.1.3

For more than 5 months, we had not heard from Bucanero, and here it is again with an update of PKGi PS3, the adaptation of PKGi, well known on PlayStation Vita and TV, will probably be small place on the stage of the penultimate Sony home console with this "full" version.

As you know, this is the port of PKGi offered on PlayStation Vita by mmozeiko, the pkgi-ps3 application allows you to download and install .pkg files directly on your PS3.

After installation, you will need to create a "pkgi.txt" file on / dev_hdd0 / game / NP00PKGI3 / USRDIR

Changelog 1.1.3:

    Improved auto-update code to download .pkg updates directly from GitHub
    Increased database memory limit to 32768 items
    Changed App location to the XMB Network tab


    The app now allows to download items that already exist
    Start/Stop music works without requiring to restart the application
Download: PKGi PS3 v1.1.3

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