PKGJ v0.55 Released

PKGJ v0.55

cuevavirus has just updated PKGJ to v0.55, it's been 4 months since this had not happened, since the beginning of January 2020.

As a reminder, this tool is now part of the history of PlayStation Vita, PKGj is a fork of PKGi, compared to PKGi this version queues more downloads, supports the TSV file format, DLC and PSP / PSX and PSM updates.

Changelog 0.55:
If you are experiencing refresh errors with compatibility packs, please remove url_comppack from the config file and use ref00d or 0syscall6.

What's new:
  •      Compatibility packs are disabled by default. (see readme for using compatibility packs)
  •      Remove legacy patch installation method. (see readme for Antiblacklist / whitelist users)
  •      PSP Neogeo games support. (credits: Yoti)
Download: PKGJ v0.55

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