Play Nintendo 3DS and 2DS Games On Your Switch Coming Soon!

Play Nintendo 3DS and 2DS Games On Your Switch (Coming Soon!)

The PC based Citra Nintendo 3DS/2DS emulator has been really progressing over the past year and it's now able to allow you to play various games to completion. We saw an Android port the other day and now m4xw, the master emulation coder, has published a couple of videos pertaining to his port of Citra for the Nintendo Switch. It's still in early form, but already achieves around 50 fps (thanks to both the Switch and the 3DS using ARM processors).

In it's current state m4xw has managed to implement dynamic recompilation on the Switch allowing the game The Legend of Zelda - Majoras Mask 3D to run around an average of 50fps, which is very impressive for a proof of concept/first port. Once the kinks are worked out we should see full speed Nintendo 3DS emulation on the Nintendo Switch, with the bonus of being able to control second touch screen with your Switch's touch screen.
Quote: m4xw

Citra running natively with dynarec, under Horizon, on Nintendo Switch!

Lot's of bugs still need to be squashed and it needs to be rebased onto the recent release.

Frame deviation still is huge, looking into that should probably give a indicatior for current performance issues.

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