PPSSPP (Standalone Switch) (05/11/2020) Released

PPSSPP (Standalone Switch) (05/11/2020)

m4xw has released a new version of PPSSPP (Standalone Switch), whichon Portable emulator for your homebrew enabled Nintendo Switch hybrid video gaming console. This is the stand alone PPSSPP version, meaning it has it's own interface, options and performs independently from any other sort of emulator front end. PPSSPP will allow you to play your collection of Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) games on your Switch and includes advancements like graphic upscaling, save states, shaders and frame rate (FPS) improvements.


Installation Instructions

Drag & drop the switch folder to the root of your SD, overwriting every file.
If you don't copy my controls.ini, you will need to remap your controls as it defaults to keyboard values.
Assets are bundled, so you don't have to bother with that.
In-Game Menu Hotkey is L3

Running The Homebrew
The emulator MUST be started via Title-Redirection . Hold down "R" while playing any game. NSPs should NOT be used!

Included are a GL and a GLES2 version . The GL version should always be preferred as it is more stable and error-free - the GLES2 version is only for Grand Theft Auto and all other games that do not work with GL. Incidentally, there are also some improvements for the just-in-time compiler , so it works on every switch firmware - this fix will also be in the Libretro version this week. Also, the emulator crashes when you start about 15 games in a row - but that should be acceptable. In-Game, the menu can be called up again with L3 .

It may be necessary to reboot the emulator once it has been set, otherwise I only got a black screen in the test.

If you want to upgrade to this version , the storage levels of "/ retroarch / cores / savefiles / PPSSPP /" can be copied over. Savestates are not compatible ; in the future, however, an export feature in the libretro version will follow.

Changelog (05/11/2020)
-Rebased Port

Download: PPSSPP (05/11/2020)

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