psp2spl v1.0 Released

psp2spl v1.0

SKGleba has just made public psp2spl, it is an lv0 framework intended for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV.

This framework is an update of NMPRunner, it has no conflicts and can be installed with standalone lv0 patchers like 0syscall6. The only task of this custom framework is to execute the lv0 code when the check [spl_exec_code] in main.c request is sent.

The developer specifies that it will be included in the next version of psp2hfw.


-Put psp2spl.skprx in ur0:tai/
-Add a line to ux0: or ur0: /tai/config.txt under *KERNEL

Download: psp2spl v1.0

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