RandPlayNX v0.0.9 Released

RandPlayNX v0.0.9

JrRadiant has released a new version of RandPlayNX, which is a simple Nintendo Switch homebrew application that will a random game from your game library. It might be useful if you're in a mood to play a game, but not sure which one you want to play.

  •     First of all, count all your games at your Switch library. You can do it faster by counting lines at the All Games screen first, then multiple it by 6, adding the additional X<6 games if needed.
  •     So, you have 128 games installed for example. (No more than 3000 games, please. ^^)
  •     Launch the app, press A.
  •     Enter the total amount of your games (128).
  •     Maroon is the number of horizontal lines to skip at All Games screen,
  •     Yellow number is the number of the actual game to play on the next row.
  •     Press B and run your game that was chosen by a Random God! ^_^ (Well, forsooth, it's a rand() seeded by your local timestamp.)
Download: RandPlayNX v0.0.9

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