ReiNX v3.0 Released

ReiNX v3.0

Thanks to D3fau4's recent work v3.0 of ReiNX has been released! It had been over a year since this Atmosphere alternative had been updated. It's now compatible with all current Nintendo Switch firmwares. If you weren't aware, the juvenile male that goes by Elise was maintaining it after Reisyukaku stopped, but due to being groomed by the college aged adult Jakibaki from Atlas NX he not only moved in with him, which is possibly illegal, but also abandoned work on ReiNX (in favor for Team AtlasNX). However, Rei has made a statement about that saying ...
Quote: Reisyukaku

ReiNX 3.0 released today with support for 9.x - 10.x

I'd like to give a big thanks to Thomleg50 and D3fau4 for most of the work in reviving the project I abandoned. They did what Elise failed to do for the last few months. Elise was mostly good at copy pasting which is why she left us for AtlasNX : ( As always, enjoy~!
-Modularity (doesn't rely on or require any SD files to run; customize SD files to your liking)
-Loads all KIPs from `/ReiNX/sysmodules/` directory
-Optional custom kernel/secmon/warmboot
-FS patches on the fly (NCA verify/cmac and optional nogc)
-Kernel patches on the fly (optional debug mode)
-Exclusive ReiNX sysmodules
-ES patch in RXP patch format (used with custom loader.kip)


Changelog v3.0
-Support for 9.x - 10.x

Download: ReiNX v3.0

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