ReverseNX-Tool 2.0.0 and SaltyNX 0.3.1a Released

ReverseNX-Tool 2.0.0 and SaltyNX 0.3.1a

A few weeks ago, the developer masagrator updated the SaltyNX and ReverseNX-Tool, as a reminder ReverseNX is a pack that will allow you to configure certain functions of the graphics card, which are not available in mobile mode, only in dock mode.

ReverseNX has been tested under Atmosphere, it also works under ReiNX but not under SX OS. The plugin, which is called SaltyNX, will make games believe that the console is docked when it does not have it.

With this v2.0.0, the ReverseNX tool has been completely redesigned, which makes the ReverseNX plugin obsolete.

You must update SaltyNX to> = 0.3.0a and delete ReverseNX.elf from the SaltySD / plugins folder

The tool now lists all installed games and allows you to manage the modes of each game (more information in the Readme file) Thanks to this new approach, all 64-bit games that resulted in a failure before should no longer be be with ReverseNX.

The functions that you could find in SaltyNX-Tool are now removed.

Download: ReverseNX-Tool 2.0.0

SaltyNX was updated in 0.3.1a, this version comes to correct a rare case of crash of the game during the loading of hbloader by disabling the bootstrap in this case, and this version also brings a correction of 2MB, because that caused the crash from Zelda BoTW.

Download: SaltyNX 0.3.1a

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