SimpleModManager v1.5.0 Released

SimpleModManager v1.5.0

nadrino has released a new version of SimpleModManager, which is an homebrew application for your homebrew enabled Nintendo Switch running the Atmosphere CFW. It allows to manage your LayeredFS game mods and could come in very useful if you have multiple game mods as it allows you to toggle which ones you want to use.

Changelog 1.5.0 :
Compiled with latest libnx. Tested on fw 10.0.2 with Atmosphere 0.12.0.

New features :

    Now using built in filesystem functions for IO. (see Performance Improvement section below)
    Optimized presets
        Now if you apply any preset where several mods overwrite the same file, only the file of the last mod will be actually written.
    Changing location of the config file : "/config/SimpleModManager/parameters.ini".
        You will be warn at the first launch of the v1.5.0 if you already had SimpleModManager before. The program will automatically detect the old parameter file, and move it to the new location
    Last cursor position is now save: each time you go back to the mod list, the cursor will no longer be at the begining of the list.
    Removing cache of files list. (saving some RAM)
    Preparing ground for a Tesla overlay :).

Performance Improvement :

    Mods status check : 300% faster (CRC check reimplementation helped a lot)
    Disabling mods : 40% faster
    Apply mods (tested with preset) : 20% faster
Download: SimpleModManager v1.5.0

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