SkyNX v1.3.1 Released

SkyNX v1.3.1

DevL0rd has released a new version of SkyNX, which is a replacement for the abandoned In-Home-Switching. If you are not sure what that is, well, it is an app that allows you to stream your PC games to your Nintendo Switch! Kind of like moonlight.


-Stream PC games with audio to switch at 60fps!
-Handles up to 4 JoyCon pairs. (4 Players at once!)
-Motion control support for Cemu.
-Use Analog sticks and triggers to control mouse
-Use gyro to control mouse like a Wii remote.
-Built in Nvidia encoding for low latency.
-Automatically sets desktop resolution for max performance. (Optional)
-Optionally disable video to use the JoyCons as remotes on PC!
-Optionally disable audio.
-Optionally swap A and B AND X and Y.
-Handles basic touch input.
-Handles right click. (Touch with 1 finger, tap with the second)
-Handles scrolling. (Your standard 2 finger scroll.)


## Instructions:

1.  Copy the switch folder in, to the root of your sd card.
2.  Install the forwarder with a nsp installer such as Goldleaf.
3.  Extract to somewhere safe.
4.  Set desktop and game resolution to 1280 X 720. (Massively improves latency to match switch resolution.)
5.  Open SkyNXStreamer-win32-ia32/SkyNXStreamer.exe
6.  Launch SkyNX on switch.
7.  Put the IP showed on the app into the streamer.
8.  Click start streamer.

## Notes

This version stores the app Nro in it's own folder. IE: switch/SkyNX/SkyNX.nro
Because of this the forwarder has been updated. And the app has been updated, and the streamer has been updated.
So if you have the pre-releases, update everything!

Changelog v1.3.1
* Added support for up to 8 players.
* Press LS + RS to toggle mouse control.
* Gyro mouse smoothing.
* Touch always enabled regaurdless of input method.
* Small latency improvements.
* Fixed stream ending on HID packet size too small. Should fix random stream ending.
Download: SkyNX v1.3.1

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