Status Monitor Overlay v0.5.3 Released

Status Monitor Overlay v0.5.3

masagrator has released a new version of Status Monitor Overlay, which is a homebrew Telsa overlay for the Nintendo Switch that will allow you to chose from 3 modes that display information such as the current CPU/GPU load, thermals, FPS, RAM and FAN Speed.


--Status Monitor Overlay

Monitor Your hardware in real time!

This is an overlay homebrew dedicated to Nintendo Switch. You need to have installed Tesla environment to use it.

Tool contains three modes to choose, each one is explained [here](

You can exit from selected mode by pressing and holding Left Stick + Right Stick. To exit from main menu press B.

If it's not working in dock, you need to first start Status Monitor, then put Nintendo Switch to dock.

--(#what-is-currently-supported)What is currently supported:

-CPU Usage for each core (Cores #0-#2 are used by apps/games, Core #3 is used by OS, background processes and also Tesla overlays)
-GPU Load
-CPU, GPU & RAM actual frequency
-Used RAM categorized to: (not supported by FWs [5.0.0)
    -System Unsafe
-SoC, PCB & Skin temperatures (Skin temperature not supported by FWs [5.0.0)
-Fan Rotation Level
-PFPS and FPS (with help of NX-FPS, more info in repo. Not installing it results in not showing FPS counters on overlay) [Not available for SX OS]



-From 0.4.1 you need Tesla Menu ]=1.0.2


-RetroNX channel for helping with coding stuff
-SunTheCourier for sys-clk-Overlay from which I learned how to make my own Tesla homebrew
-Herbaciarz for providing screenshots from HDMI Grabber

Changelog v0.5.3
Updated to libnx 3.2.0, which helps with very rare case of crashing overlay if pl sessions are depleted.
Fixed wrong version inside overlay
Download: Status Monitor Overlay v0.5.3

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