sys-http v0.0.1 Released

sys-http v0.0.1

zaksabeast has released a new version of sys-http, which is a sysmodule/plugin that allows communicating with the Nintendo Switch using http. This sysmodule brings a few advantages that don't currently exist:

-HTTP is a standardized protocol with well defined uses
-Most languages have at least one http library, so there's not a need to write a wrapper around raw TCP
-Web browsers can use HTTP, but not raw TCP (without disabling security rules)

Potential future use cases:

-Read Pokemon Sword/Shield den seeds directly into @Admiral-Fish's RaidFinder or @leanny's Seed Checker
-Display Animal Crossing turnip prices in a mobile app
-Show updating game values during a Twitch live stream
-Setup a PKHeX REST API and live edit Pokemon from a website
-Create a Discord bot that allows users to interact with the console



1.  Download the zip from the latest releases
2.  Copy the zip file contents to your switch SD card at `/atmosphere/contents`


-ReSwitched for Atmosphere-libs
-Switchbrew for libnx
-yhirose for cpp-httplib

Changelog v0.0.1
-Initial Release

Download: sys-http v0.0.1

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