sysDVR v4.0 Released

sysDVR v4.0

Developer exelix11, known for developing NXThemesInstaller and SwitchThemeInjector, has updated its module called sysDVR. As always, the updates brought by XorTroll bring a lot of new features.
As a reminder, sysDVR is a system module that allows you to capture the output of the game running on a PC. Two versions are available: one for streaming via USB and the other for streaming over the network (TCP).

Changelog v4.0
Low latency streaming is now supported.
        Stdin mpv streaming mode has been revamped to support low latency video streaming.
        Unfortunately the console produces audio with a slight delay, this means that real-time streaming audio and video is not possible. This is not a bandwidth problem and even streaming just audio will be slightly delayed.
        Streaming both audio and video is possible only via RTSP as stdin mode only supports one channel. Read the advanced section of the guide to find out how to launch mpv in low-latency mode.
    USB streaming protocol has been updated to improve performances.
        On windows the driver has been changed to WinUsb, if you previously installed the libusb driver you will have to replace it with zadig. The guide has been updated to explain how.
        If you wish to keep on streaming with libusb add --no-winusb to the command line or enable Force LibUsb backend in the GUI.
        On linux libusb is still used and nothing changes.
    TCPBridge protocol has been changed as well to improve performances.
    Reduced the memory usage of SysDVR from 3MB to ~1.1MB if you previously used the USB-only build due to memory concerns check if this solves your problems.
        This may also fix SXOS compatibility but i haven't tested, will update once someone lets me know.
        Edit: Received mixed reports, some say that it works some that it doesn't, please report in #39 if you still experience crashes.
    All legacy args for SysDVR-Client have been replaced with a new syntax, less used functions have been removed, if you're using bat files from the GUI delete them and create new ones.
        Due to the protocol changes you can't use previous versions of the client and clientGUI with the new sysmodule
    Now it's possible to stream to stdout so you can pipe the raw data to any video player (one channel only)
    Fix #30 #33 and several other bugs and crashes.
Download: sysDVR v4.0

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