Temporary Space Released

Temporary Space (05/03/2020)

xanderten50 has released Temporary Space, which is a 2D space shooter homebrew game for PSvita video gaming consoles. It was made in Gamemaker 1.4 and KuromeSan's compiler was used to create a PSVita version.
Quote: xanderten50

Back in February I 'just about' completed my first Gamemaker game and used KuromeSan's compiler to create a Vita version. After some gentle badgering from a friend... I decided to try and update it. So I humbly present something closer to a proper version, now with a proper name: Temporary Space :)

Controls: Accelerate: Right bumper, Shoot: X button, Steering: dpad Left/Right or left Analogue

Some screenshots: https://imgur.com/LlJVSmA, https://imgur.com/t3yUZyM & https://imgur.com/EFyA4d6 and a potato quality video: https://twitter.com/xanderten50/status/1256623192426393602

Since it was created with Gamemaker & KuromeSans compiler it will ask to install with extended permissions (just in case that concerns you). Please feel free to try it and give me any feedback! So far the first comment I've had is that the controls may need changing slightly - depending on what people think I'll try and do some more little tweaks before I try moving onto a new project.

Hope you like it!
Download: Temporary Space  (05/03/2020)

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