Time Machine v1.0 Released

Time Machine v1.0

BalisticksMain has released Time Machine, which is a homebrew application for the Sony PlayStation Vita portable video gaming console that will allow you to set the Current, Secure, and Network RTC to anything you want. Some uses could include re-ativating expired PS+ games and playing pre-order games early.


Set the "Current, Secure, and Network RTC" to anything you want,
Can also change the CP RTC on DevKit.

Some Possible Use cases:

-Making SSL Certificates active / expired (currentTick)

-Setting the date displayed in the calendar to before 1/1/2000 or after 1/1/2099. (currentTick)

-Renewing PlayStation Mobile Development Assistant for Unity publishing license. (currentTick)

-Re-Activating expired PS+ Games. (secureTick)

-Playing Pre-Order games early. (secureTick)

-Unlocking trophys w dates into the past / future (secureTick)

-Re-Activating an expired Testing Kit Console. (secureTick)

-Bypassing Parental Control's Playtime restrictions. (secureTick?)

-Renewing PlayStation Mobile Development Assistant publishing license. (secureTick)

-Re-Activating expired Development Kit consoles (CpRtc)

-Setting default value for all other RTC's on Development Kit's (CpRtc)

-Tricking games that rely on the time, (networkTick/currentTick/secureTick)

Changelog v1.0
Initial Release

Download: Time Machine v1.0

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