Truebluemini (C64mini)


RetroGames recently launched the anthological versions of the Commodore 64, in classic TheC64 version and in TheC64 Mini version.

The basic version still includes 64 games, but we are far from the representation of the entire game library of the console. The full set of the Commodore 64 represents no less than 9,000 games and more than 50,000 different programs. To this day, it is still the best-selling personal computer model in the order of 25 million machines.

True Blue Mini is a Plug & Play solution, no installation process, anyone can use it in seconds. The games will simply appear directly on your console.

After the Sony PS Classic version, and Sega Mega Mini, here it is so the Commodore 64 version of True Blue Mini which arrives, and the team indicates that a PC-Engine version is under development.

Compatible with TheC64 and TheC64 Mini retro consoles, True Blue C64 adds no less than 480 games for around $ 17, all have been tested, with possible configurations via the included tool.

Source: Truebluemini

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