TWiLight Menu++ v15.0.0 and NDS-Bootstrap v0.35.0 Released

TWiLight Menu++ v15.0.0 and NDS-Bootstrap v0.35.0

RocketRobz has released a new version of TWiLight Menu++, which is an open-source DSi Menu upgrade/replacement, and frontend for nds-bootstrap for DSi, and flashcards. TWiLight Menu++ allows you to play supported Nintendo DS homebrew and retail games on the Nintendo 3DS using only your external SD Card (no flashcard is required).


Updating from v6.6.0 and later

    Overwrite the _nds folder on the SD root, with the new one from the .7z file.

Changelog TWiLight Menu++ v15.0.0
What's new?
  •     Implemented the 12-hour clock to other themes beside Wood UI!
  •     Ported NDS menu font to R4 theme!
  •     R4 theme: Added the date in the menu.
  •     Auto-enabled Save FAT table cache for first time users with SD card of 32GB or less.
  •     Heap Shrink has been removed for DS-mode flashcard users!
  •     (@Epicpkmn11) DSi/3DS/Saturn/HBL themes: Changed battery/volume/date images to .png files.
  •     Added AP-fix for Russian translation of GTA: Chinatown Wars.
  •     DSi, DSiWarehax: During a soft-reset event, you can hold B to exit the game.
Bug fixes

    Tried to fix widescreen mode not activating for some users.
    Fixed Unlaunch.dsi being misdetected as a retail game.
    These games will now work with Heap Shrink set to Auto:
    -Band Hero
    -Guitar Hero: On Tour
    -Guitar Hero: On Tour: Decades
    -Guitar Hero: On Tour: Modern Hits
    R4 theme: Fixed MasterSystem/GameGear ROMs not launching, with RAM option set.
    DSi theme: Removed the manual icon to fix an unexpected bug where the small dots on the bottom would be overwritten.
    Further improvements to overall app stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.

Changelog NDS-Bootstrap v0.35.0
Many more games are now compatible!

For some THUMB games, you will need a Donor Rom for the corresponding SDK version.
If you use TWiLight Menu ++, if a Donor Rom is not defined, it will tell you if the game needs it, at the time of launch.
ROMs that are either 256MB or 512MB no longer need a Memory Expansion Pak to function.
This means that these ROMs can now be launched on a DSi or a 3DS too!
NOTE: A Memory Expansion Pak is always necessary for certain AP patches to work (those that occur in overlays).
Bug fix:

Correction patches for the 2 MPU region.
This provides the above functionality.
Download: TWiLight Menu++ v15.0.0 / NDS-Bootstrap v0.35.0

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