TWiLight Menu++ v15.0.1 and nds-bootstrap v0.35.1 Released

TWiLight Menu++ v15.0.1 and nds-bootstrap v0.35.1

RocketRobz has released a new version of TWiLight Menu++, which is an open-source DSi Menu upgrade/replacement, and frontend for nds-bootstrap for DSi, and flashcards. TWiLight Menu++ allows you to play supported Nintendo DS homebrew and retail games on the Nintendo 3DS using only your external SD Card (no flashcard is required).
RocketRobz updates TWiLight Menu ++ to v15.0.1 and nds-bootstrap to v0.35.1.


Updating from v6.6.0 and later
  •     Overwrite the _nds folder on the SD root, with the new one from the .7z file.

Changelog TWiLight Menu ++ 15.0.1:
- Bugfix
- We tried to repair the wide screen mode which does not activate for users who use commercial games.
- slot1launch: The MBK values are now corrected at the right time.
Download: TWiLight Menu ++ v15.0.1

Changelog 0.35.1 from nds-bootstrap

- The FAT table has been moved from the DSi WRAM to the main RAM. It is therefore no longer necessary to restart in DSiWarehax, after having created the FAT table. This also allows to bypass a mirror bug in the DSi WRAM, and to launch games with DSiWarehax without saving the cache of the FAT table.
- mpuInitOffset is now cached. This should slightly improve start-up time.

Bug fixes (B4DS):
- Fixed Pokemon Gen 4 compatibility.
- The FAT table has been advanced by 8KB, so it does not overwrite the DTCM.
Download: nds-bootstrap v0.35.1

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