TWiLight Menu ++ v15.1.1 Released

TWiLight Menu ++ v15.1.1

TWiLight Menu++ is an open-source DSi Menu upgrade/replacement, and frontend for nds-bootstrap for DSi, and flashcards. TWiLight Menu++ allows you to play supported Nintendo DS homebrew and retail games on the Nintendo 3DS using only your external SD Card (no flashcard is required).

RocketRobz has just released a new version of TWiLight Menu ++ which goes to v15.1.1, nds-bootstrap has not been updated.

As a reminder, TWiLight Menu ++ is an update of the menu and the DSi interface for nds-bootstrap (3DS / 2DS / DS / DSi compatible). This program will also allow you to play DS homebrews, DSiWare games and .nds roms from the SD card and GameBoy (.gb), GameBoy Advance (.gba) and Nes (.nes) roms from your SD card.

Changelog v15.1.1
Bug fixes

    Fixed a bug where the DS Classic Menu would crash on white screens on DSi consoles with Unlaunch.
    Fixed a bug where the time wouldn't change on 3DS consoles.

Is there a birthday surprise?

Yes, there is!

    A special build of nds-bootstrap is included, and can boot two DSiWare games!
    The nds-bootstrap build serves as a preview of DSiWare support, which is what you can expect in a future nds-bootstrap version!
    The two DSiWare games are the Pop Island games:
    -Pop Island
    -Pop Island: Paperfield
    You can also run them on the DS Phat or lite models.
    Additionally, you can run them in widescreen on 3DS/2DS consoles.
    To play these games, switch nds-bootstrap to Nightly, and set Run in to DS mode, in the game's per-game settings.
Download: TWiLight Menu ++ v15.1.1

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