TWiLightMenu v15.1.0 and TWiLightMenu-Updater v4.2.0 Released

TWiLightMenu v15.1.0 and TWiLightMenu-Updater v4.2.0

RocketRobz has just released version 15.1.0 of TWiLightMenu, but on the other hand no Nds-bootstrap, on the other hand, it also updated TWiLightMenu-Updater.

TWiLightMenu changelog 15.1.0 :
What's new?

    Added page switching with SELECT+LEFT/RIGHT buttons, for those with non-working L and/or R buttons.
    (@JonArcherII) Added an option to disable ROM/folder deletion.


    Now uses devkitARM r54 and libnds 1.8.0.

Bug fixes

    DS Classic Menu: Fixed screen duplication triggering bug on 3DS consoles.
    HBL theme: Removed fading effect when switching devices.
    Flashcard users: Removed setting Elite Beat Agents (and a few other SDK3 games with that arm7 binary), as an SDK3/4 Donor ROM.
Download: TWiLightMenu v15.1.0

TWiLightMenu-Updater Changelog 4.2.0 :
What's new?

    The 3D depth has been restored to the top screen.
    The fade-in effect has been sped up.

Bug fixes

    Fixed the app crashing, if WiFi is turned off.
    Fixed positioning of the white left text. (TWL Menu++, nds-bootstrap, etc.)

Known bug

    Because TWLBot failed to push a release build, a nightly build from TWLBot has been used, so the version number will be shown as 616c563 instead of v4.2.0.
Download: TWiLightMenu-Updater v4.2.0

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