Cemu 1.19.3 Released

Cemu 1.19.3

ExZap unveils at the end of June 2020 with its team a new version of Cemu, the best emulator of Nintendo Wii U on PC.

It is version 1.19.3 which arrives with in particular numerous corrections on the Vulkan API which supports new primitives, and improves the emulation while fixing bugs.

New algorithms and tweaks have also been fixed for Vulkan and OpenGL, and optimizations on the textures of Breath of the Wild.

Changelog Cemu detailed changelog for 1.19.3
    # Patreon release date: 2020-06-19
    # Public release date:  2020-06-26
    general: Fixed an issue where launching RPX files without meta files would cause a crash
    Vulkan: Added support for primitive LINE_STRIP_ADJACENCY (used by Tropical Freeze in level 3-6)
    Vulkan: Properly emulate depth range (in vkCmdSetViewport)
            This fixes projectiles being rendered behind the stage in Super Smash Bros
    Vulkan: Various minor optimizations
    Vulkan/OpenGL: Tweaked algorithm for detection of texture invalidation
                   This fixes an issue in Breath of the Wild where terrain textures could become corrupted
Download/Link : Cemu 1.19.3

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