Daedalus X64 v0.4 , PPSPP v1.10 , and Vita Fighters v0.96 Released

Daedalus X64 v0.4 , PPSPP v1.10 , and Vita Fighters v0.96

Some small novelties have emerged in recent times on PlayStation Vita, as you know this is a scene that remains interesting for those who still have this console, but it is clear that it does not remain no less in the process of dying out at the expense of the Nintendo Switch, and it's a safe bet that Sony will not follow through on a mobile solution preferring to refocus on its home console.

The last of the 3 new features is the arrival of version v0.4 of Daedalus offered by Rinnegatamante, this is the first solution followed by a Nintendo 64 emulator on the PlayStation Vita.

There are just too many changes ...

Daedalus X64 v0.4:

- Fixed a bug that activated the bilinear filter in certain circumstances when it shouldn't.
- Improvement of the mixer audio code.
- Improvement of the GoldenEye audio code.
- Added some missing instructions in the Nead audio microcode.
- Fixed some sprites drawn with incorrect depth in Donald Duck: Quack Attack and Rayman 2.
- Added support for zipped roms.
- Added the entry Super Mario 64 (O2) in the list of roms.
- Addition of several romhacks entries in the rom list.
- Added support for certain unmanaged cartridge domains.
- Fixed several problems related to the support of palletized textures.
- Addition of the Audio Sync option to synchronize the audio bit rate with the frame rate. (experimental)
- Addition of a video synchronization option to synchronize the video bit rate to the frame rate (considerably improves the experience for some games not running at full speed, for example: Rayman 2).
- Fixed an issue where some text was drawn with incorrect sizes in Donald Duck: Quack Attack.
- Implementation of some missing instructions in ARM DynaRec.
- Optimization of certain DynaRec instructions with instructions specific to ARMv7.
- Fixed a bug that caused the CPU rendering to be used only when the emulator was started. (Correction of some screens not rendered in Rayman 2 and Donald Duck: Quack Attack).
- Adding a hack to disable CPU rendering in Conker's Bad Fur Day. (Corrects graphics corruption when starting the game)
- Added Cache Interpreter mode as a CPU emulation option (Safer as an interpreter but faster).
- Addition of DynaRec (Safe) mode as a CPU emulation option (allows the bad day of Conker's fur to enter the game).
- Addition of an option to deactivate the MP3 instructions (doubles the framerate of Conker's Bad Fur Day but makes the voice mute).
- Added specific support for F-Zero X audio microcode.
- Fixed an issue where some models were rendered incorrectly deep in some games.
- Addition of a Texture Dumper function which will empty each texture that the current game will load in memory.
- Addition of High Level emulation for OS calls (considerably improves performance, for example: Doom 64 is now at full speed).
- Added functionality to sort the rom list alphabetically.
- Added support for HVQM RSP task microcode.
- Addition of an option to deactivate the use of Expansion Pak.
- Fixed an issue causing an incorrect window with processor rendering in certain circumstances.
- Designed so that the images rendered by the processor are correctly scaled to the screen size.
- Addition of the use of NEON to several calculations related to mathematics (improves performance).
- Addition of a functionality which allows to save and to load the parameters globally and by game.
- Addition of some predefined configurations for certain games with better emulation configurations (Conker's Bad Fur Day, Rayman 2, Mischief Makers).
- Optimized 3D rendering pipeline (improves performance).
- Added hack support Texels1 (Fixed some graphical problems in some games, for example: Rayman 2 incorrect lum colors and missing candle lights in Ogre Battle 64).
- Pallet caching enabled for palletized textures.
- Addition of a hack for Pokemon Stadium 1 and Pokemon Stadium 2 which improves the rendering of the pokemons selection screen.
- Added support for several new blend modes (Fixed rendering issues in multiple games).
- Addition of the possibility to completely deactivate the texture cache for games frequently updating textures (Corrects distorted texts in Mischief Makers).
- Reduces the size of the cover files thanks to the use of palletized PNG.
- Improved support for negative windows.
- Added detection of CIC DD64 types.
- Improved CIC type detection code.
- Addition of an alternative audio resampler based on libspeexdsp (disabled by default, currently in debug phase).
- Significantly improved stability of asynchronous audio code.
- Fixed a bug that would make the asynchronous audio code mute if the user closed one rom and launched another.
- Added support for high resolution texture packs.
- Added support for creating custom bubbles that will directly launch a rom via the emulator.
- Improved detection of analog dead zones.
- Added support for roms in uma0: partition.
- Added the possibility to deactivate the update of the com liststart up patibility.
- Addition of an automatic update function (will update the last night version available at startup).
- Minor bug fixes and generic code cleanup.
- Designed so that analogs and physical buttons can be used to interact with the user interface when a game is paused.
- Added L2 / L3 / R2 / R3 support for PSTV users.
- Addition of the possibility of using the back touchpad as four additional virtual buttons (allows to use the L2 / L3 / R2 / R3 handles on normal PSVitas).
- Added multilingual support with support for Catalan, Danish, German, English, French, Greek, Italian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish
- Fixed an issue causing backups of Derby Stallion 64 to fail.
- Fixed an issue that caused some games to fail with FlashRam backup types.
- Improved loading times and emulator performance thanks to the use of NEON in memory copy operations.
- Improvement of the SP registers management code.
- Improvement of the SP DMA code.
- Addition of the customizable anti-aliasing function with the options Disabled, MSAA 2x, MSAA 4x.
- Replacement of Livearea assets with new ones.
- Addition of an alert which will be displayed at the bottom left of the screen when the parameters or the backup states are saved / loaded.
- Addition of an alert which will be triggered at the bottom left of the screen when loading a rom.
- Change the user interface font to Roboto-Regular.
- Added functionality to scale the user interface (useful for PSTV users with large screens).
- Addition of GitHub which validates the hash in the Credits window.

Download: Daedalus X64 v0.4

PPSPP emulator was passed to it in version v1.10, again the best PSP emulator evolves, with many new features and evolutions since v1.9.

Changelog 1.10:
- Graphic and compatibility corrections
- Minor performance improvements, faster loading of the game
- Support for screen notch on Android
- Support of the analog key for navigation in the menus
- Fixed audio problems in SDL builds
- Support for more languages ​​in game dialogs. The Croatian language has been added to the PPSSPP.
- Simplification of multiplayer chat
- More advanced post-processing (multipass, parameters)
- Addition of a CWCheat specific to PPSSPP
- Reintroduction of the Cardboard VR, to allow more resolutions
- Repair of some crashes
- Correction of Ghost in the Shell graphics (JIT inaccuracy with inf * 0)
- Mac version now supports Vulkan in addition to MoltenVK
- Fixed crash on Raspberry Pi 4 EGL
- VSync is now supported by all backends, image duplication option added for 30 Hz games
- Camera compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac (but still no microphone)
- Repair of Darkstalkers and work through rendering software. Fixed SW rendering on GLES 2.0
- Fixed slowdown and flickering of Hot Shots Golf on Vulkan
- Fixed Pangya Golf blocking
- Allow the rebound of the right analog touch screen
- Addition of an option allowing to avoid that the mipmaps are not released
- Tilt control now has a basic radius to help with the dead zone
- Analog stick with automatic rotation to pass game controls
- The position of the touch control can now be hung on a grid
- HiDPI retina display support
- Rapid fire on touch control
- Mute button
- Added option to resize game icons and more
- In-flight images are now configurable to reduce input lag at the cost of speed
- Adding a switch mode to the combo button
- SDL mouse support, Qt menu update
- Real support for the Chinese patched version of the Hatsune Miku Project Diva Extend project
- Support for some minor kernel modules
- Fixed full screen toggling with Vulkan in SDL constructions

Download: PPSSPP 1.10

Finally the last novelty for the PlayStation Vita scene is the arrival of version 0.96 of Vita Fighters, no big news, since no new player is selectable, however there is Colossal Titan as Boss, AngryDevs, developer has announced that he wants to make it playable, but he still encounters quite a few bugs, so he disabled it as "playable". He will still try to offer it in a future version.

Download: VitaFightersV0.96_ColossalTitanBoss.vpk

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