DeepSea v1.4.0 Released

DeepSea v1.4.0

Team Neptune also reacts quickly by already offering the update of its all-in-one package, born from the ashes of Kosmos.

DeepSea is an AiO package, always based on the latest version of Atmosphere, delivered with the latest versions of very useful homebrews. Thanks to the built-in automatic update, you will never need to touch your SD card again.

Changelog 1.4.0:
- Atmosphere updated to v0.13.0.
- Add sys-clk-ovleray to over / underclock from Tesla
- All Homebrew have been updated to the latest version
- Latest version of Switch firmware supported: 10.0.4

Besides, the update will always be to the "normal" version. If you want to get the patched version, you have to go to the update page and update manually.
Download: DeepSea v1.4.0

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