emuiibo v0.5.1 Released

emuiibo v0.5.1

XorTroll had not offered us a new version of Emuiibo, and well here it is from now on thing fixed since it has just put online v0.5.1 of Emuiibo.

For those who do not know Emuiibo, this is a module that allows you to take advantage of the emulation of amiboo by means of "Bin" files present on the SD card, Emuiibo uses a new format for storing data on the microSD card.
Changelog 0.5.1:
- This version is a quick update to support the latest CFW.
- Update of libnx, libstratosphere / Atmosphere-libs and JSON libraries. - emuiibo requires C ++ 20 now, like Atmosphere-libs.
- The size has been changed from 0x20000 to 0x40000 to avoid some memory problems.
- Fixed a small bug when transferring miis from the console to the SD card at startup.
Download: emuiibo v0.5.1

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