FreeDVDBoot a new release on PS2 by CTurtE

FreeDVDBoot a new release on PS2 by CTurtE

A new exploit working on all PlayStation 2, even unmodified, has just been unveiled by CTurtE.

His previous method is based on Yabasic, a BASIC interpreter that comes with the PS2 on demo discs, some of which have been directly released with new consoles in the PAL region. It is therefore limited to this region and it is necessary to have the disc.

This new feat relies on the DVD video player. Not only can you take advantage of all the old exploits but still homebrews and emulators published, and of course the execution of backups.

And all this WITHOUT the need for a modified memory card, without any old use and Swap Magic Trick or to open your PS2 and install a chip.

This video shows the result of the PS2SDK patch which adds support for playing DVD video discs (UlaunchELF can now load homebrew from the disc, and emulators can now load from the ROM disc).

His full explanation is here:

The process is distributed here:

Download: iso-Image 3.10E.iso

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