Hactool v1.4.0 Released

Hactool v1.4.0

SciresM, which we no longer present, returns to us with a new version of Hactool which arrives in v1.4.0. It might go a little unnoticed but if we take a closer look at the changes, we see some new things related to Mariko.

As a reminder, this utility makes it possible to decrypt, extract files in specific format from the Nintendo Switch, the arrival of specific support for Mariko, which as a reminder is the die present on the latest models of Switch and on the Switch Lite is without context related to recent advances in hack made in recent days.

The following Switch file formats are supported:

- HFS0
- PFS0
- RomFS
- Package1 (PK11)
- Package2 (PK21)
- INI1
- KIP1
- NAX0
- NSO0
- Backup files

Changelog 1.4.0:
-Support was fixed for parsing save files (thanks @shchmue)!
-Support was fixed for extracting package1 binaries newer than 4.0.0.
-Support was added for performing mariko-specific key derivation.
-Support was added for decrypting and extracting mariko package1 binaries.
Download: Hactool v1.4.0

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