Hekate CTCaer mod v5.3.0 and Nyx v0.9.2 Released

Hekate CTCaer mod v5.3.0 and Nyx v0.9.2

Following the release of the new Atmosphere 0.13.0, rewriting the implementation of TrustZone with the codename "Exosphere 2" is supported in Hekate CTCaer Mod with 5.3.0. Starting in an EmuMMC has been shortened by around 500 ms and a problem with applying the KIP1 patches has been resolved.

In addition, Hakate now asks whether to start even if the patches fail. Protection against bootlogo corruption has been added.

In the Nyx GUI, several errors in the partition manager have been fixed and the Joy-Con SPI dump has been improved. When first started, the time difference must be adjusted, if it is not already done.

New in this version:

- Full support for Exosphere 2 (Atmosphere 0.13.0 and above)
- Compatibility with older versions of Atmosphere remains. You can start both the old versions and the new 0.13+.
- Even faster start-up times thanks to better eMMC management. (500 ms gain).
- Many HOSs launch QoL corrections and checks.
- Unconditional activation of the charger for protection against blockages.
- Correction of kip1 patches which do not always apply to very specific cases. (Has always existed).
- Used to start if the kip1 patches fail. (He will ask you.).
- Do not continue when the patches are important (example: emummc, nogc, etc.) or when you do not know the implications.
- Added protection against corrupt bootlogs. Avoid soft-locking.

And many other fixes.
- emuMMC
- Exosphere 2 support has been added
- Very fast file-based emuMMC modifications are also included.
Based on

Nyx v0.9.2
- Countless corrections to the partition manager.
- If you had problems before, especially with error 14 or the cluster size of 4KB, now everything is fixed.

Best JoyCon SPI dump for Android / Linux
- The address dump tool of Joycon Mac is now more robust and will tell you if the pairings come from a PC or from an HOS.

Additional changes:

- Correction on the archive bits which now supports all folders containing 00 files
- Allow multiple backups based on emuMMC (via migration option)
- The modification of the clock offset is now displayed at startup if it is not activated.
- The screenshots must then include the correct date and time.
- Added a larger dead zone for the Joycon virtual mouse.
- Reduction of energy consumption in standby mode
- Added generation of BIS keys and simple CAL0 information
- And many other solutions.
- Bootloader Development Kit (BDK). This press release also presents the BDK. The whole structure of hekate has changed, so it's easy to change the code for drivers and tools. This allows the transformation of hekate into anything and makes porting to other Tegra X1 / X1 + easier. For now, it is used for hekate, Nyx and modules. As this is only the beginning, it will improve even more thereafter.

Download/Link: Hekate CTCaer mod v5.3.0 and Nyx v0.9.2

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