Helltaker ported to Switch

Helltaker ported to Switch

Helltaker is a game designed and developed by Łukasz Piskorz (vanripperart). The game was only released on PC on Steam, but D3fau4 has ported to Nintendo Switch.

The game is free but you can still support the developer by purchasing the artbook, a pancake recipe or supporting it via his Patreon account.

Helltaker is a little game in which well dressed demon girls spreading terror, very fun, very well done it seems captivating.

If you like the title, you can also make your contribution by carrying out the translation if you wish, it is enough if you want to contribute to the support of your language, it is enough to add the jsons translated in "Assets \ Resources \ yourlanguagetag \ local \ ".

Download: Helltaker Switch

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  1. How do I put it on my switch? Just drag and drop the folder?