IrisMAN v4.86.3 support MAMBA 8.3 Released

IrisMAN v4.86.3 support MAMBA 8.3

Aldo Vargas has just released a new version of its IrisMAN manager which is now in v4.86.3.

As you know, IrisMAN is a fork of Iris Manager from the developer Estwald but benefiting from many functionalities and entirely open-source. It is neither more nor less the second most used backup manager after multiMAN.

This version 4.86.3 brings something new, in particular the support of MAMBA 8.3. this payload has often been used to load plugins into custom firmware that does not have Cobra functions.

This version 8.3 of MAMBA, released in April 2020, includes fixes for ps3m_api_core from developer NzV and support for ISO PS2 and ISO PSP introduced by the Ps3ita team.

Changelog v4.86.3:
star Updated MAMBA 8.3
beetle Disabled internal fan controller on PS3HEN (use webMAN MOD)
beetle Disabled auto-loading of webMAN MOD on PS3HEN
beetle Fixed issue listing / net games
Download: IrisMAN v4.86.3 support MAMBA 8.3

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