JKSV (06-07-2020) Released

JKSV (06-07-2020) Released

JK / J-D-K has released a new version of JKSV, which is a full featured save game management system for homebrew enabled Nintendo Switch consoles. Unlike the other free solutions JKSV allows you to backup and restore every sort of save data the Switch is known to produce, including zipping your exported data. This latest versions adds the previously mentioned zip support, saving from the System BCAT, Cache, and Temporary Storage and also includes a NSP version (among some other changes).


JKSV on Switch started as a small project/port to test some things and get familiar with libnx. A list of what it currently can do:

1.  Dump and restore save data.
    -This includes the ability to dump and restore to/from any location on SD by pressing minus and using the Advanced Mode.
2.  Dump system save data
    -Pressing all four shoulder buttons at once will rescan and include the previously unlisted system saves.
    -Dumping this data is allowed, but writing back is not.
3.  Open and explore bis storage partitions via the Extras menu
    -BIS Storage is opened inside a basic filebrowser. The partition's listing is on the left. Your SD is on the right.
    -Only copying to SD and file properties work on BIS partitions. Writing to and deleting are disabled for now.
4.  Misc Extras:
    -NAND Dumping
    -Ability to remove downloaded firmware updates from NAND.
    -Terminating processes by [ID](https://switchbrew.org/wiki/Title_list#System_Modules). Allowing you to dump normally unopenable system archives.
    -Mount by System Save [ID](https://switchbrew.org/wiki/Flash_Filesystem#System_Savegames). Normally used when the terminated process makes JKSV unable to rescan titles without the Switch crashing.


shared-font example by yellows8
Authors of switch-examples for account and save mounting code.
Iguniisu for the icon.

Changelog 06.07.2020
-Traditional and Simplified Chinese translations are included thanks to [Leo](https://github.com/qazrfv1234) and [JamePeng](https://github.com/JamePeng)
    -Any English strings leftover are my entirely my fault, but most of the UI is translated thanks to these two.
-Output folders used by games can be set by the user by creating a text file named `titleDefs.txt` and adding lines such as `01006C300E9F0000 = "Dragon Quest XI S"`. This is to help with folders that default to title ID because of unicode characters.
-Data loading has been reworked.
    -All save data types *should* be supported now. The last three (System BCAT, Cache, and Temporary Storage) will only show if any data is found for them.
    -Blacklisted and unmountable titles are skipped sooner in loading, preventing JKSV from loading or creating icons for them.
    -Fixed a memory leak where user icons weren't freed if titles were reloaded.
-JKSV now has the option to backup and restore to and from ZIP archives.
-JKSV can now write its own working directory to a ZIP archive that can be easily backed up and stored somewhere. (This is in the extra's menu).
-NSP build is back for people who want it.
Download/Link: JKSV (06-07-2020)

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