Linux PS4 ITMania distribution updated to Manjaro 2002 (Lysia)

Linux PS4 ITMania distribution updated to Manjaro 2002 (Lysia)

On April 26, 2020, after two months of development, Lysia, version 20.0 of the Manjaro Linux distribution on PC, was released. With this version, Xfce 4.14 is offered, and the Team focused on improving the user experience with the desktop and window manager. Particular attention has been paid to a new feature, Display-Profiles, which allows you to store one or more profiles for your preferred display configuration. Manjaro Architect now supports the installation of ZFS by providing the necessary kernel modules. The 5.6 kernel is used for this release, as are the latest drivers available to date. Compared to the latest version of the installation media, the tools have been improved and refined.

The ITMania Team has added the latest updates available, namely the supports for the latest emulators, the latest versions of Vulkan, Kodi and Steam drivers, so it is possible to launch Doom Eternal, MK11: Aftermath and Batman: Arkham Origins.

ITMania distribution works like Fedora, Manjaro and other Gentoo, namely

The build of Manjaro 20.0.2 (Lysia) on PlayStation 4 is called CatjaroPS4-ITm.tar.xz (1.9 GB).
The latest version of mesa-git (20.2.0), libdrm-git (2.4.102) at the time of release.

What's included:

PCSX-Reloaded - PS One Emulator
PCSX2 - PS2 emulator (version 1.6.0)
PCSX3 - PS3 emulator with Vulkan (most recent at time of release)
PPSSPP - PSP emulator
RetroArch - ver. 1.8.8 (most recent at time of release)
Dolphin Emu - Wii and Gameube emulator (version 5.0 with vulkan support)
Wine-Staging 5.9 with DXVK 1.7 with addition of libraries including mfplat. To use DXVK 1.7, you need a kernel 4.20 or higher. If you are using kernel 4.14.93, revert to version 1.5.3
Also Kodi, Lutris, Chrome ..

To start Doom Eternal, you must start kernel 4.20 or higher, activate SWAP, run the 3Gb payload and use Proton 5.0.7 in the Downloads folder.

The installation is similar to psxitarch. Don't forget to rename the archive to psxitarch.tar.xz

Connection: itmania
Password: ITmania

Download: CatjaroPS4-ITm.tar.xz (1.9 GB)

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