Moonlight-NX v1.0.9 Released

Moonlight-NX v1.0.9

rock88 has released a new version of Moonlight-NX, which is a port of the Moonlight Game Streaming Project for homebrew enabled Nintendo Switch consoles. Moonlight-NX will allow you to remotely stream your PC games to your Nintendo using a supported nVidia graphics card and software. You can then control them with the Joy Con and/or Gamepad.



1.  Download latest Moonlight-NX release
2.  Put moonlight.nro to sdcard:/switch/moonlight;
3.  Launch hbmenu over *Title Redirection* (for FULL RAM access);
4.  Launch moonlight.

Setup Guide

1.  Firstly check official [Setup Guide] (;
2.  Connect your PC and Switch to same WiFi network;
3.  In Moonlight-NX push 'Add new host' button and enter you PC IP address;
4.  Pair Moonlight-NX with your PC.


1.  Move cursor with move finger on touch screen;
2.  L/R + tap on screen - Left/Right mouse click (allow to move cursor);
3.  ZL/ZR + tap on screen - Left/Right mouse click (without move cursor);
4.  L+R+Down - exit from stream (and close current app);
5.  L+R+Up - exit from stream (without closing current app);
6.  L+R+Left - Alt+Enter (for enable/disable fullscreen mode);
7.  L+R+Right - ESC key;
8.  ZL+ZR+Left - show video decoder/render stats;
9.  ZL+ZR+Right - hide video decoder/render stats;

Changelog v1.0.9
-UI and gamepad input improvements;
-Resize screen support (for dock mode);
-New logger with write to file feature (enable in Settings, also you can view logs on a new Logs screen);
-New mouse input mode - click by tap (also moved cursor to tap position, enable in Settings).
Download: Moonlight-NX v1.0.9

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