Moonlight-NX v1.1.0 Released

Moonlight-NX v1.1.0

rock88 has just released version 1.1.0 of Moonlight-NX, as its name suggests it is the port of Moonlight for the Nintendo Switch.

The ambition of this new version is to offer a lot of corrections, especially that of the gray screen, problems related to mouse movements or even scrolling concerns. That's not all, there are other fixes that you will find in the changelog below.

  •      Fix "Gray screen" issue;
  •      Fix incorrect mouse movements;
  •      Working scroll in UI and on a streaming PC (just scroll with two fingers);
  •      Add combo for Guide button (default is Minus + Plus);
  •      Customizable button mapping and combo keys for each game;
  •      Allow to close current game, also allow to run game when another game already running;
  •      Lots of UI fixes and improvements.
Download: Moonlight-NX v1.1.0

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