Resident Evil CODE: PS4 V0.6 Released

Resident Evil CODE: PS4 V0.6

After a Switch version, here is update 0.6 of Resident Evil CODE: Ps4 bringing its share of new features for our PS4.

The goal of this shooter mini-game is to survive the waves of enemies but also to keep the most humans alive, you will have access to 3 different weapons (gun, pump and uzi), as well as bonus weapons which will appear randomly in the game.

In this new version 0.6, several bugs have been fixed, the speed of the game accelerated, the difficulty increased, new animated stages, obstacles in some stages, but it is not all.

Indeed, a new player is now available (Léon S. Kennedy) as well as several stages for each character and a new enemy (Hunter). You will find more details in the changelog below.

This homebrew is exclusively compatible 5.05 and installs with a simple .pkg, the code has been completely rewritten, going from .Lua to .Gml thanks to our friend Red-J who gives me a hand on programming and thanks to his samples which help me a lot.


- Addition of a playable character (Léon S. Kennedy)
- Addition of new animated levels (different level compared to the selected character)
- Addition of a new enemy (hunter)
- Adding new music

- Addition of obstacles in the levels

- Overall acceleration of the game

- Increased difficulty of the game

- Increased waves of enemies

- Modification of PIC1.png

- Corrections of several bugs


- Addition of a character selection menu
- Addition of a playable character (Chris Redfield)
- Addition of 5 levels (different level compared to the selected character)
- Addition of new enemies (leaker, police zombie, spiders)
- Addition of a frontpanel in certain level
- Adding new music
- Added sounds when enemies die
- Added red flash when enemies die
- Addition of the vibrations of the controller during a shooting
- Modification of the color of your controller as a consequence of your life bar
- Fixed a bug that blocked the player at the bottom and top of the screen
- Fixed a bug that canceled the sprite of your balls on contact with an enemy

- Correction of minor bugs


- Same as v 0.3 Vita

- Modification of the appearance of the enemies, it is now a random mode

- Addition of a menu (new part, tutorial, options and credits)
Download: Resident Evil CODE: PS4 V0.6

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