ShareNX v1.1.3 Released

ShareNX v1.1.3

HookedBehemoth has released a new version of ShareNX, which is an overlay plugin that runs under nx-ovlloader for homebrew enabled Nintendo Switch video gaming consoles. It will allow you to share your screenshots on the Internet while playing a game. This new version brings compatibility with the new version of nx-ovlloader (as the author decided to reinvent the wheel a few weeks after it's release, breaking compatibility with everything, of course).


This Homebrew runs under nx-ovlloader.
Put the .ovl from the release inside /switch/.overlays and start it from "Tesla Menu".


WerWolv for nx-ovlloader, libtesla and the template
averne for his work on libtesla
natinusala for his work on libtesla

Changelog v1.1.3
-Recompiled with latest libtesla and libnx
-Reduces fs session usage
Download: ShareNX v1.1.3

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