SimpleModManager 1.6.0 Released

SimpleModManager 1.6.0

Like what it is always possible to make things evolve, here is that SimpleModManager evolves in overlay, its developer nadrino has indeed just adapted its software to the overlay of MenuTesla.
As a reminder, SimpleModManager is an application / homebrew for Switch consoles that allows us to manage mods (via LayeredFS) on a Custom Firmware like Atmosphere. As you know, SimpleModManager makes it easier to manage mods from LayeredFS by redirecting access to romfs files from the SD card. When the application accesses a romfs file, it checks the existence of this same file in the SD card. If the file on the SD card exists, access to the romfs file will be redirected to it.

Compiled with latest libnx. Tested on fw 10.0.3 with Atmosphere 0.12.0.

New features:

     First release of the Tesla module! (put the .ovl file in "/switch/.overlays/")
     Minor changes in the UI of the applet version
Download: SimpleModManager 1.6.0

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