Sony PS5 event

Sony PS5 event

Roundup Highlights

    Ratchet and Clank: A Rift Apart announced.
    Resident Evil VIII announced.
    Horizon Zero Dawn 2 confirmed.
    Sackboy: A Big Adventure revealed.
    Demon's Souls remake is finally real.
    There will be a PS5 Digital Edition.

We get to see the history of previous PlayStation exclusives

Grand Theft Auto V will be enhanced on the PS5, coming 2021.
GTA Online will be free for PS5 owners.

The next reveal is Spider-Man: Miles Morales, launches holiday 2020.

Grand Turismo is back in the 7th entry.

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart announced. We get to see both cinematic and gameplay footage.

Square Enix's Luminous Productions reveals Project Athia, will be exclusive to PS5.

Annapurna's latest game shows a cat walking through a small city full of robots. It's called Stray. 2021.

HouseMarque is developing a game about a woman who crashed her spaceship on a planet and died, only to wake up on a planet that changes each time she wakes up. Returnal.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure is a new title in the Little Big Planet series. It's a 3D platformer.

This next game is about destruction derbies titled Destruction Allstars.

Play as a small girl who can control various creatures in a large foresty world in Kena: Bridge of Spirits.

Goodbye Volcano High launches 2021 and is about highschool aged animals in a band.

A new Oddworld game was announced, subtitled Soulstorm.

Ghostwire Tokyo is back again, with some new gameplay footage. 2021.

Superbrothers is developing a game about space travel. Holiday 2020.

Gearbox is working on a game that focuses on melee combat. Called Godfall. Holiday 2020.

The void is calling, in this 3D exploration game that looks very similar to Journey. It's called Solar Ash. 2021.

There's a new Hitman game coming in Hitman III, due out Jan 2021.

PlayStation has a new 3D platformer in the form of Astro's Playroom, looking to possibly be a demo game for new users.

Little Devil Inside seems to be a comedic game with 3D action.

Googly eyed living strawberries and sandwich snakes exist peacefully in this new game made by the Octodad devs. Bugsnax. Holiday 2020.

NBA 2k21. Fall 2020.

Demon's Souls finally gets its remake. Made by Bluepoint.

Arkane is working on a very Dishonored-like game about time loops. Cool powers and guns will be how you get further each loop and kill all eight of your targets before midnight. Deathloop.

Resident Evil VILLage (village) is the next Resident Evil game. 2021.

A man in a large mechanical suit talks to a small girl and her digital robot cat as a monster crashes through the sky in Pragmata coming 2020 from Capcom.

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 confirmed. Forbidden West.

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